Vintage Evans Ammo Crate Dog Feeder Deer Scene

$ 225.00

Beautiful country style dog feeder. Unique eco-friendly re-purposed genuine vintage Evans Classic ammunition crate feeding station.  Re-cycled as an elevated pet feeder with hinged top for handy storage. Charming original graphic of a small herd of deer. Crate is finger jointed, sturdy and hand wax to repel water.  Elevate your dog's food and water source to minimize joint stress and keep their food and water off the floor. 


  • Two charming 1 quart stainless steel bowls embossed with dog paw prints. Easily removable for cleaning.
  • Foam gaskets have been applied to stabilize the dog bowls and protect the interior compartment.
  • Felt pads have been applied to the bottom of the feeder to protect your floors.
  • Vintage crate has been hand waxed to a warm luster.
  • Eco friendly, recycled and re-purposed.

Size:  9 3/4" tall x 16" wide x 9" deep

Condition:  Excellent - like new.

Price includes shipping to US addresses.

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