Red Arrow Detroit Vintage Crate Recycled Dog Feeder

$ 245.00

Eco friendly re-purposed genuine vintage early Red Arrow beverage wooden crate doog feeding station. Red Arrow original product. Very cool Red Arrow graphic logo in red. Intact original metal strapping reinforces the box, plus there are original cut in/out handles.

The new top / lid is handcrafted from pine with a walnut stain and some gently aged red paint to coordinate with the vintage crate.  Crate top / lid can be pulled off to access interior storage for pet supplied, dog leashes, dog food and treat packages or what have you.

Elevate your dog's food and water source to minimize joint stress and keep their food and water off the floor.  Great decorating accessory for mid century modern, primitive or country decor.


  • Two charming 1 quart stainless steel bowls are embossed with dog paw prints. Easily removable for cleaning.
  • Feeder top is handcrafted pine with a walnut stain, plus red paint aged to coordinate with the vintage crate. Polyurethaned for protection.
  • Foam gaskets have been applied to stabilize the dog bowls and protect the storage compartment.
  • Crate has been hand waxed to a warm luster.
  • Generous starage inside for dog food or other canine accessories.
  • Eco friendly, recycled and re-purposed.

Crate Details:

  • On the front and back - Drink Red Arrow Beverages 32oz
  • On the right and left sides:  Red Arrow beverages   Detroit   wo 2-3420

Size:  13 1/4" tall x 17 1/4" wide x 12 1/2" deep

Condition: Very Good

Price includes shipping to US addresses.

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