John Augustus First Probation Officer 1939 Hardcover

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This edition of John Augustus First Probation Officer is a reprint of the original report of John Augustus, published in Boston in 1852, with an introduction by Sheldon Glueek, Professor of Criminology, Harvard Law School.

John Augustus (born 1785; died 1859) was a Boston boot maker who is called the "Father of Probation" in the United States because of his pioneering efforts to campaign for more lenient sentences for convicted criminals based on their backgrounds. His efforts are credited with the establishment of the Presentence Investigation in the US criminal justice system today.

Only one manuscript is attributed to him, an 1852 pamphlet titled 'The Report of the Labors of John Augustus', which is reprinted here. In 1841, Augustus approached the Boston, Massachusetts police court and persuaded them to let a 'common drunkard' be left in his care instead of going to prison. The conditions were that a fine needed to be paid and the offender must return before the court in three weeks. After three weeks of being in Augustus' care, in which Augustus found him a job and made him sign a pledge to stop drinking, the offender and Augustus returned to astonish the court. The offender was completely sober and his appearance and demeanor had drastically improved. The court allowed Augustus to take more and more offenders into his custody.

This is a 1939 hardcover edition published by the National Probation Association. 104 pages including photographs of original records and charts.

Size:  6" x 9 1/4"

Condition: Fair. Binding and spine very good. A plastic jacket has been added and kept the book in nice condition. Owner's signatures on flyleaf and first page. Ink from a stamp has bled through to the image of Augustus.  Pages have numerous notations and underlining.

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